TV show host Alex Boylan comes to campus

TV show host Alex Boylan comes to campus

By Madison Anderson, The Asbury Collegian I November 12, 2021

Alex Boylan’s Instagram

Alex Boylan, the host of The College Tour, an Emmy-nominated producer, director and actor, and the winner of The Amazing Race, Season Two, came to Asbury’s campus to talk to students about the reality TV industry. 

His story began with a marketing internship in Munich, Germany, which he described as “boring.” Still, it allowed him to make life-long memories that aided him in getting many of his jobs before stepping into television.

Boylan’s first piece of advice was for students to “make a story” during their time in college. Most employers do not look at statistics or systematic internship details. Instead, employers want to hear personal stories and experiences.

“I had a story,” said the Emmy-nominated producer, who advised the students to create personal, exciting stories. “Find something that no one else is doing.”

His story and infectious personality led him and his brother, Chris, to be cast in season 2 of “The Amazing Race.” At 24, Boylan won the travel reality T.V. show and launched into a career in broadcasting.

Boylan’s later advice to Asbury students and college students, in general, was to chase passion rather than money and try new things while they are young. His last piece of advice was “don’t be scared to sweep the floors,” which means that individuals should be willing to do anything to work their way to the job they desire.

Growing up a pastor’s child, Boylan referenced his faith being a significant drive in his journey. He described that in his journey, he needed to be “open to what God wanted.” 

Originating from his niece’s search for a college, Boylan then developed a free streaming series that allows students to virtually tour colleges while becoming immersed in the stories of the students attending the universities. 

When prompted about how he felt while visiting all the college campuses and seeing the next generation rise, Boylan animatingly exclaimed, “I always say to not worry about the next generation. I think that you see this world through a different lens, and you want to fix it in ways we haven’t seen.”

Boylan continued, “I think you are bolder and braver. You are going to do amazing things for the world.”Asbury University is featured in season two of “The College Tour” and can now be streamed on Amazon Prime and the show’s website,