TV series created to virtually tour college campuses screened at Delaware Valley University

TV series created to virtually tour college campuses screened at Delaware Valley University

The series, The College Tour, allows students considering higher education to tour college campuses — such as Delaware Valley University’s — remotely.

Andrew Colba, Aldianews.Com | August 30, 2021

The College Tour is offering a new way for prospective students to tour universities. Photo: Delaware Valley University

Delaware Valley University hosted an event on Friday, Aug. 27, screening the new television series, The College Tour

The series aims to virtually tour various college campuses, allowing students considering higher education the chance to visit colleges remotely. Delaware Valley University is one of the colleges visited on The College Tour.

The host of The College Tour, Alex Boylan, spoke with AL DÍA and elaborated on how the show came to be:

“My niece, about a year and a half ago, couldn’t figure out where to go to college… not long after that, COVID hit, and shut the whole world down… Her college search was dramatically affected… That’s how The College Tour was born,” Boylan told AL DÍA.

“The show was designed for prospective students… anywhere from [grade school] age up to 40-50-years-old… people going back to school.”

Episodes run from 30-minutes to an hour in length, and provide a virtual look at the lives of each university’s students through interviews with 10 individual students. The series is expected to have 47 episodes filmed by the holidays. 

Each episode highlights the individual university’s specialties and characteristics. In the case of Delaware Valley University, the college’s biology, zoology, and agricultural programs were put in the spotlight.

Salus University in Elkins Park, another college in Pennsylvania, is also featured in the series. 

In order of appearance, other campuses visited in the show thus far are: 

Fort Lewis College, Florida Tech, Arizona State University, East Tennessee State University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and University of Connecticut.

Delaware Valley University’s episode underscored the university’s unique programs not often found at many schools, such as its hands-on agriculture programs. 

In the episode, agribusiness major Darian Poles elaborated on the opportunities Delaware Valley offered him in the field, and how he ultimately landed an impactful internship at Deseret Ranch in Florida:

“As an African-American male in the Ag industry, there’s not too many of us on the Northeastern side of the country… While I was in Florida, I met another Black cowboy. This was the first time of my life that I worked with someone who looked like me and shared the same dream,” said Poles.

Each of the 10 students interviewed for the episode detailed their experiences with the school, and how their choice contributed to their education. 

The students featured in Delaware Valley University’s episode are: 

Secondary education major Jamie Specca, agribusiness major Poles, biology major Parker Kilkenny, counseling psychology major Sarah Young, crop science major Wyatt Hoffman. 

These students led the first half of the episode, while the second half featured interviews from:

Small animal science major Juliet Campbell, biology major Kai Allen, conservation and wildlife management major Christine Lambert, small animal science major Anthony Rago, and business MBA student Zuzanna Pankowska.

The College Tour can be streamed on IMDbTV, Amazon, and GoogleTV. The series can also be streamed through XBOX and PlayStation’s streaming applications.