The College Tour coming to SDSU in November

The College Tour coming to SDSU in November

The Bookings Register | October 21, 2021

BROOKINGS – “The College Tour,” an innovative series from Emmy Award-nominated producers Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy and Burton Roberts, will be on the South Dakota State University campus Nov. 14-20 to record episodes for the upcoming spring 2022 season.

“The College Tour” is a series created to empower high school students to virtually travel across America for an inside look at colleges and universities. The series is available on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service, and across “The College Tour” platform, including its mobile app and website (

SDSU joins universities such as Arizona State, Illinois and Connecticut, which are currently being profiled.

“Hearing what makes South Dakota State University special through the eyes of actual students is important to all of us at State,” said Mike Lockrem, director of University Marketing and Communications. “We have heard from many students about how important a campus visit was when making a decision on where to attend, so furthering the opportunity to showcase SDSU is a great opportunity. We know the college search process is changing, and it’s important to reach prospective students where they are today.”

Each episode of “The College Tour” highlights a college or university through the eyes of its students, faculty and alumni, providing prospective students with an intimate look at life on campus beyond what is written in brochures or websites. From academics to sports, club activities, city life and much more, viewers can visit the campus of their dreams as they’re making the important decision of where to apply or where to attend.

“’The College Tour’ is the show you wished you had when applying for colleges in high school,” said Boylan, who won the “Amazing Race.”

“College visits can cost upward of $3,000 per school, which puts them out of reach for many students and families. We are leveling the playing field and providing a free, easy and fun way to tour some of the best schools across the country.”