20 UM Students Featured on “The College Tour’ on Amazon Prime

20 UM Students Featured on “The College Tour’ on Amazon Prime

By Peter Christian, NewsTalk KGVO I February 8, 2022

In September, film crews from Amazon Prime’s ‘The College Tour’ were on the University of Montana campus filming segments with 20 different students from all walks of life.

UM’s Director of Strategic Communications Dave Kuntz told KGVO News about the Amazon Prime features.

“Starting today, people can stream through Amazon Prime, or look at your YouTube channel to see that the university is being profiled in a show called ‘The College Tour’, said Kuntz. “It’s a 15 minute episode that highlights 20 students about their experiences here at the University of Montana, and it’s something that we’re really excited about to promote here in the coming weeks. It really gives us a good piece of material so we can communicate both across Montana and across the country about how special things are here at the University of Montana.”

Kuntz explained how the University of Montana was chosen to be a part of the series.

“We’ve been talking to Amazon for about a year now, and in September, they came out for a week to meet with students and shoot these different segments,” he said. “So we’re highlighting students. There’s a Rhodes Scholar finalist and a student studying music and English. We’re also highlighting students who are in our labs and sciences working on some of the vaccine work, as well some of our Grizzly student athletes. So it’s really been a multiple month process working alongside Amazon as they choose anywhere between eight to 12 schools a year to profile on the show which I’ll add is an Emmy nominated show.”

Kuntz said the segments can be used for many years to come to help in recruiting new students to the UM campus.

“One of the really cool things about this partnership is we have access now to each of these segments that make up the episode,” he said. “We’ll use those segments going forward in perpetuity, to really help visually communicate to prospective students about the different opportunities at the University of Montana. So whether it’s studying at the Davidson’s Honors College, or in a pharmacy program or a creative writing program, or being on the Grizzly dance team or the soccer team, we now have these video assets that we can use to really help communicate with students and give them that firsthand experience about what it’s like to be a Grizzly.”

Kuntz explained how our website users and KGVO listeners can access the video from Amazon Prime.

“Folks who have Amazon Prime can go on that video service, and just search ‘The College Tour’ to watch it,” he said. “Or you can just search it on YouTube and the University of Montana, his YouTube channel and we have the segments posted there too. So there’s multiple ways people can watch. We encourage you to jump on and check it out and tell your friends because it really gives a great insight into life at the University of Montana from the perspective of students.”