Asbury University’s biggest campus tour begins streaming next week

Asbury University’s biggest campus tour begins streaming next week

The Lane Report | October 20, 2021

WILMORE, Ky. — On October 25, Asbury University’s students, faculty, and staff will celebrate the premiere of the school’s episode on The College Tour, a nationwide television show created by award-winning Hollywood producers to help students and families visit colleges across the country, virtually. Asbury’s episode features nine students, alumni, and Asbury President Dr. Kevin Brown. 

“I am thrilled for this opportunity to share Asbury with the world,” said Asbury University’s President Dr. Kevin Brown. “On this episode of The College Tour, our students and alumni truly captured the Asbury experience, from the personal academic attention, spiritual growth, and development to our vibrant community. Because Asbury is now highlighted on The College Tour, even if someone can’t visit our campus, they can experience it for themselves virtually. The College Tour captured our community perfectly through the voices of our students and alumni.”

The show — created by the award-winning team behind shows like Survivor and The Biggest Loser — traveled to Wilmore over the summer to film the segment, marking the first university in Kentucky to be featured. The College Tour is available now on multiple streaming platforms and will be featured beginning in the winter on Amazon Prime.

Hosted by Alex Boylan, each episode of The College Tour tells the story of a university through the lens of its students, and Asbury’s unique flavor is on full display with students on camera sharing their Asbury stories. Each student-driven segment gives an inside look at what it’s truly like being a student at Asbury.

Some of the show’s 10 segments include the Dayton School of Business and the soon-to-be-completed $26 million Collaborative Learning Center, spiritual transformation, the school’s prime location and vibrant community, the world-renowned equine and media communications programs, and much more.

Samuel Diaz Merchan, a senior communications major with a public relations emphasis, is featured in a segment and shared more about the incredible experience filming the show. “Being a part of the College Tour was an amazing experience in itself,” he said. “While filming, seeing how interested the crew was in Asbury and what it means to be a student here made me proud to be a part of this community and be able to represent my fellow students as well. I am excited for the world to see Asbury for what it truly is, an institution that has a community that represents different cultures, beliefs, and ideas that come together to work toward a greater good while always consistently learning. Overall, I am excited for Asbury to be seen by people so they can truly see what it means to be different and stand out.”

President Dr. Kevin Brown continued, “I am humbled and grateful for the amazing students who volunteered their time and talents to tell the Asbury story. We are always looking for creative ways to tell our story and the students and young alumni featured in this episode have created something special for prospective students around the world to learn about our campus community.”